12. 1 Korean Society of Children's Literature & Education is founded (The 1st President : Hyun Hee Kim)
3. 25 Participant in the 1st KBBY (The Korean Board on Books for Young People)
2. The 2nd president (Eun JaHyun, Sung Kyun Kwan University ) was elected
7. The 1st Annual Conference was held: "The Voice of Picture Book Specialists"
7. The 2nd Annual Conference was held: "The Understanding and Analysis of Information Picture Books"
3. The 3rd president (Eun Ja Hyun, former president of KBBY) was elected
7. 21 The 3rd Annual Conference was held: "Exploring the Possibility of Bibliotherapy"
8. 31 The first issue of “The Journal of Children's Literature and Educational Research” was published
8. 31 The 4th Annual Conference was held: "Children's Literature and Scientific Technique"
3. The 4th president (Se Hee Kim ) was elected
9. 18 The 5th Annual Conference was held: "Reader-response to Picture Books: How Do Readers Complete What  Writers Start"
3. The 5th president (Se Hee Kim) was elected
10. The 6th Annual Conference was held: "Infant Picture Books, The Power Opened to a World"
9. 16 The 7th Annual Conference was held: "Who Makes a Picture Book?: The History of the Development of Picture Books in Many Countries of the World"
3. The 6th president (Dae Ryun Jeong, Dong duk Women's University ) was elected
11. 3 The 8th Annual Conference was held: "Age of Globalization, the Role of Children's Literature"
9. 27 The 9th Annual Conference was held: "Children's Happiness Opened by Literature"
3. The 7th president (Jeong Suk Seo the laboratory chief picture book and children's education ) was elected
9. 12 The 10th Annual Conference was held: "Children's Literature Education, How Should I Do It?”
9. 12 The 11th Annual Conference was held: "Children's Literature Education is Broadening Its Horizons"
1. The 8th president (Dae Gyun Lee ,Pai Chai University ) was elected
4. The spring Conference was held: "Picture Book Translation for Globalization"
9.12 The 12th Annual International Conference was held: "Understanding the World of Children's Literature: Writing and  Publishing Picture Books for Children"
12 Journal of children's literature and education research was selected as a 'registered journal'
4. The spring Conference was held: "Choosing and Guiding Infant and Children’s Literature by Age "
10. The 13th Annual Conference was held: "Developing the Curriculum of Children's Literature Education  in Principle"
1. The 9th president (Young Sim Lim ) was elected
4. The spring Conference was held: "Deepening Understanding about Children's Fairy Tales"
10. The Annual Conference(14th) was held: Storytelling and Children’s Literature
4. The Spring Conference(4th-Spring) was held: Children, Playing with Picture Books about Ecology
9. The Annual Conference(15th) was held: E-Picture Books, Present & future
1. The 10th president (Keumhee Kim) was elected
5. The Spring Conference(5th-Spring) was held: Understanding and Using Picture Books about disabilities for Children and us
11. The Annual Conference was held: World Picture Books- Understanding and Application of Literature Education from a Multicultural Perspective
4. The Spring Conference was held: Reading the Illustrations in Picture Books
10. The Annual International Conference was held: Teaching Minds & Healing Hearts with Children’s Literature: Once Upon a Time There were Stories...